Madelene's super smoothie


Another submission from one of our favourite customers!


Madelene's favourite breakfast recipe. "It easily keeps me going until lunch time and beyond."


Super Smoothie


250mls soy or almond milk

2 T peanut butter

1 banana

2 heaped T Noode protein powder 

5 Brazil nuts


Put all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth. So quick and easy!


This recipe is so versatile.

  •  If you need more sustenance, add 1/8 c quick oats
  •  I use Brazil nuts for magnesium but you can add any nuts or seeds (just remember linseed and chia will make the smoothie very thick!)
  • You can add any other fruit you like (mango is super good!)

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Natural Pea Protein 1 KG

Natural Pea Protein 1 KG

Pea Protein Samples

Great prompt service. Love the samples, decided vanilla is my fave, will order again and have recommended your product to three other people.

Great product as always. Loyal customer here

I’ll continue to buy this superior product.

Noode Natural Pea Protein Vanilla & Gingerbread

Just love the protein powder. I tried Noode for three reasons.. a) minimal ingredients b) buy a second which gives you the discount c) it’s dairy free.
The flavours are yum, I make in smoothies, stir into my oatmeal and make mug cakes with them. They mix well and don’t leave any gritty feeling, super smooth and creamy. The Vanilla tastes great, the Gingerbread too, but I’m a fan of ginger and add more powdered ginger to really taste the spice. I would definitely recommend. I will repurchase these again.
They also do after pay which suits me well.