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Natural Pea Protein 1 KG - 2 Pack
Lucinda Mundell (Auckland, NZ)
Salted Carmel the best

Salted caramel tastes great in milk . Vanilla good for smoothies.

Unflavoured Natural Pea Protein 1 KG
Rebecca Evans (Auckland, NZ)
Noose protein

I always use this product as l do not like flavoured protein powder
I use it in a smoothie

Natural Pea Protein Sample Pack
Chloe Nauschutz (Invercargill, NZ)

Wow - the gingerbread flavour is UNREAL

Vegan Natural Burner Pea Protein 1kg
Brooklyn Phillips (Auckland, NZ)
Great protein

Love the taste and texture. Would buy again

Natural Pea Protein Sample Pack
Ana Flavia Bueno da Silva (Auckland, NZ)
Not good taste

The taste isn’t good

Natural Pea Protein Sample Pack
Devon Smith (Auckland, NZ)
Great way to test

I loved the gingerbread and the salter caramel flavors, not a fan of the chocolate (reminded me of motel hot chocolate) and the vanilla was a fine background addition to smoothies. Mixed really well and will definitely be buying some full sizes

Natural Pea Protein Sample Pack
Ravelle Thomas (Auckland, NZ)
Pea Protein Sample Pack

I’ve just finished sampling the Natural Pea Protein Sample Packs and I have to say these are a great idea for a first time user. It allowed me to sample all the flavours at a great price, without committing to the bigger packs at the risk of not enjoying that particular flavour, therefore would highly recommend purchasing the sample pack first. My favourite flavour was the Salted Caramel and Gingerbread. Mixed with Almond Milk, they were not overly sweet, just the way I like it. Delivery was also super quick, so overall as a first time customer, the service was excellent!

Natural Pea Protein 1 KG
Robyn Brook (Thames, NZ)
Yum Plant Protein Smoothies

I bought both the chocolate and the vanilla flavoured Protein powders. Both absolutely delicious with both fresh and frozen fruits.
Was introduced to these by my Personal Trainer Teresa Urlich-Grant and am extremely grateful.
Many thanks Noode.
Robyn Brook

Unflavoured marine collagen

Too early to tell if the collagen is going to help but love that you can add to hot drinks and it doesn't alter flavour or texture.

Natural Pea Protein 1 KG - 2 Pack
Brett Bennett (New Plymouth, NZ)

Have good specials now and then. I love NOODE and will always buy it but a decent special will be nice. Thank you

Natural Pea Protein - Smoothie blend - 1kg
Louisa Mueller (Christchurch, NZ)
Smooth and great tasting 👌

Super happy with my purchase! Really enjoying the gingerbread flavor using it on its own with water or plant milk. Or in foods great all the ways I've tried it! Particularly in overnight oats or chia!

Premium Unflavoured Marine Collagen 350g
Wendy Evans (Auckland, NZ)

Love the noode unflavoured collagen powder .
Wouldn’t buy any other product .
Affordable and it suits my stomach easily digestible.

Natural Pea Protein Sample Pack
Clare Eames (Wellington, NZ)
Tasty protein

I got the sample pack and every flavour was delicious. Blends well, event just mixing it into a yogurt.

Perfect protein supplement for vegan or dairy free requirements. Quality and taste not compromised at all by being non dairy.

Collagen and Protein Sample Pack
Stephanie Robinson (Hamilton, NZ)
Try before you buy

Great option to try before you invest in the full size. Glad I did, because I wouldn’t have realised how yum the other flavours are if I had reverted to my go-to’s.

Collagen and Protein Sample Pack
Lesley Norris (Auckland, NZ)
Collagen and Protein samples

I had so much fun sampling these products. The flavours and textures were all great - so much so that I still can’t pick a favourite. Safe to say that any product from this range is recommended.

Tastiest pea protein I’ve ever had love it. Even bakes well

Natural pea protein smoothie blend

Amazing have used it in baking and with yoghurt to up my protein
Thanks noode

Natural Pea Protein 1 KG - 2 Pack
Silvia De Feudis (Auckland, NZ)

It’s very good brand and very good taste, very fast delivery

The best unflavoured taste

One of the best unflavoured taste for Marine college powders and very easy to mix in.

Collagen and Protein Sample Pack
Arnya Goodall (Waikato, NZ)

Don’t like the stevia taste

Vegan Natural Burner Pea Protein 1 Kg - 2 Pack
Forrest Norris (Melbourne, AU)
Always great quality

I moved to Aus 6 months ago and have continued buying Noode from NZ because there’s nothing like it! This time I’ve got the French vanilla and rich chocolate burned protein and they’re super tasty. I add them to my smoothie in the morning and it’s fills me up so well. Highly recommend

Natural Pea Protein Sample Pack add on
Stene Pinzone (Christchurch, NZ)
Fast dely and great product.

Fast delivery and great product will re order

Natural Pea Protein Sample Pack
Reg Rutherford (Hamilton, NZ)
A 1

Better than I thought it would be , will buy again .

Natural Pea Protein 1 KG
Susannah Blatchford (Christchurch, NZ)

Lovely tasting x