• Josh's super protein carrot cake with protein icing

    Josh's super protein carrot cake with protein icing
      Cake; - 2 Large carrots (2 cups grated) - 2 tbsp salted caramel noode protein powder. - 2 Cups flour - 2 Tsp baking powder - 1 cup coconut sugar (or 1/4 cup honey or maple syrup) - 2 Tsp flax seed (to make egg substitute, alternatively use egg) - 1 Tsp cinnamon  - 1 Tsp Nutmeg - 1 Tsp all spice -...
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Great pea protein!

I love the vanilla bean protein! Great taste, mixes with oats well or even just with water for a shake. Sweetens things up without being sickly at all, not gritty either. I had been using NuZest for years but needed to switch and I tried all the pea proteins I could find! Noode was the best!
Also love the salted caramel. Great in bliss balls and baking etc. Not a fan of chocolate protein in general, but this one seemed ok?? Chocolate isn’t my thing though, so probably not a good judge there.
Definitely found my new go-to protein though :)

Vegan natural pea protein

Love this protein. Best tasting pea protein I have had.

Bit of a surprise with no sweetener at first but usually add banana or kiwi fruit to morning shake - and even a teaspoon of honey so all good - vanilla one too sweet .

Natural Pea Protein powder

Great product with great flavour and super easy and smooth to mix!

Love it!

I am definitely buying more of these tubs!